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~~Perhaps the book's most valuable quality is the fact that while one learns a vast amount of geographical and geopolitical facts, and discovers fascinating lore concerning indigenous cultures, many of the wider issues raised by Joe inevitably lead one to ask questions of oneself, making this into a voyage of discovery that will continue long after the last page has been turned. Unequivocally recommended.

Marco Rossi- Journalist, musician, - Weymouth England.

~~I was turned onto this book by a friend, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. It's an inspiring tale of a real man's actual travels, and yet oftentimes it seems fictitious. One year he's home in the Bronx, and the next he's in the middle of a desert searching for his next drink of water. All the while he's on a fabulous journey through his mind and through the inner workings of humanity. Half of the book is an adventure around the globe (on a bicycle!) and the the other half is a contemplative work. Not many people are able to take the trips Joe has taken ~ for me, this book is the next best thing. Seems like he went everywhere, and was able to truly immerse himself in the vastly different, yet comfortingly familiar, cultures of our planet. Loved it, loved it, am still loving it (it's a looooooooong book!!) and it's one that you'll be thinking about whether you have it in your hands or not. Sometimes it's an easy read, & sometimes you'll find yourself looking back to get the full effect. I suggest it for people of all walks of life, whether you are a traveler or not. For the young, for the old, for the human in all of us!

Kati Puglisi - Herbalist- Marshall, North Carolina

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~~Traveling for me was always about confirming my faith in humanity, and this is exactly what Joe does. A simple boy from the Bronx sets out on a voyage of discovery. Armed with an open positive attitude and an unswerving belief in the basic goodness of people he has a multitude of adventures along the way. As Joe travels around the world we go with him and share his experiences and his thoughts on the nature of people and the world. Over a 13 year period Joe has his basic premise confirmed time and time again. It leads him to wonder, and we wonder with him, why is the world in such a mess? What are the forces which shape our world, and how can the basic goodness of people be made to shine through and make it a better place? Personally I'm not a great cyclist but I adored this book. Thank you Joe, you're an inspiration.

David Murray, retired world Traveler - France

~~Cycles of a Traveler follows author Joe Diomede as he recounts his astonishing journey of physical, emotional and spiritual discovery while navigating the globe. His fascinating personal accounts convey the substantive message that although borders may separate us, pre-conceptions may bias us, we are more alike than we realize. The author's prevailing theme to the reader is to heed those synchronous moments and treasure them, for they are what connect us to each other and ourselves. Joe's story is relevant and timeless and a must-read for anyone residing on planet Earth. Sit back and enjoy traversing the planet, for we are, indeed, all on this ride together.

Lisa LeMone- A2 H2 musical Director- L.A.California

~~Any fan of traveling or even better, cycling, will not be able to put this book down. And there's TONS of it here so you'll likely not have to put it down for months.

Grant  Fanning - Cyclist- New York City

~~This book is the story of one young man's quest for adventure, freedom and knowledge. What he acquired along the way was all of the above, plus a healthy dose of self-fulfillment, the assertion of strength and resilience of the human spirit and the awareness that positive energy generates more of the same.

John Clemente - Singer, School teacher, N.Y.C.

~~This is an amazing book to read. Not only is it vividly descriptive narrative of a man's travel around the world, but it provides insight into cultures and ways of life many a person would never experience. It also made me examine why things happen, when they happen and how a course of events can positivly affect one journeys through life.

Phil Rucci, Educator, Musician, Westchester County,New York.

~~This book reinforces my belief that we are all more similar than we are different. People are basically good and we need to respect and tolerate each other. The writer really made me feel that I was right there next to him experiencing what this world has to offer. It is well written and an enjoyable read.

Richard Behrens, Nurse, New York.

~~Just finished this remarkable book by a truly successful man. Not successful in the conventional, financial sense of the word but successful because he positively went his own way, and found wisdom, love, and joy on the way. Added to the mix are over a decade's worth of world travel, mostly by bicycle, in the most far flung corners of the earth. A great read - inspirational, life affirming, glorious.

Ben Edney- Magician, performer, France, Belgium, England, Holland.

~~For anyone who wants to take an adventure this book is for you! Joe details his journeys inward and outward and brings the reader along with him. The details in this book are so vivid, I felt like I was visiting a different country every time I picked up the book. It is an inspiring read for anyone who aspires to travel the world as well as for those who just want to go on a voyage of personal growth in their every day lives, I highly recommend it!Type your paragraph here.

Chris & Dana Brown - Parents, builders, fellow human beings. North Carolina

~~I enjoyed reading Cycles of a Traveler. If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was a work of fiction; that's how incredible I found the author's travels. Hearing how well received Joe was by everyday people around the world was an affirmation of the inherent goodness of the human spirit. I loved the maps and found myself continually referencing them to help visualize his movements around the globe. It is a great read with a happy ending.

Vincent Giudice - retired postal worker. N.Y. State

~~At first glance this book looks long and boring. Long yes, boring absolutely not, but I will say this he can be a little long winded at times throughtout the book. All in all I found myself in awe at this mans journey mentally, physically and emotionally. This book is such an amazing journey, I felt like I was able to go to all this different countries with him and explore it all. I was shocked at all the risks he took; which then turned into disblief when he managed to get out of all the predicuments he put him self into.This man has led a charmed life full of adverture and excitement and I'm glad he is now sharing it with the world.

From Amazon book reviews.

~~The journey into the mystery of the mundane is what this book is about. Through his travels, Diomede is able to disconnect from the unimportant differences of people and look at the similarities. It is those similarities that are fascinating, especially when he goes to lands other than the United States and Canada. Although he encounters different levels of technology and different landscapes, he is able to find the common threads, showing us that we are not really all that different after all, and that we should focus on the commonalities. This book is a great travelogue, but an even better road map of the human soul.

San Francisco Book Review

~~Cycles of a Traveler is ostensibly about one man's bicycle and motorcycle travels but it is really about how the author grows in mind ,spirit and body and how his travels fostered this growth. The fun about this read is that readers get to experience his growth without having to leave the comforts of home. What I most enjoyed about the autobiography was that you could sense the author changing and formulating new ideas with each journey .The reader comes away with a deeper knowledge of what it means to be a citizen of not just a country but of the world as a whole. Finally, while many books propose a philosophy for living, in Cycles of a Traveler we get to see through Mr. Diomede's experiences that synchronicity is always there if we are prepared to see it. Read this book and you've already taken your first step in this direction!

William Julian, New York City Board of Education

~~Following a chance meeting of the author a few months ago, I knew I wanted to read this book. The story he tells allows the reader to take a ride of their own.. by experiencing some of the truly amazing steps in one mans' journey you are challenged to evaluate your own. It is a thought eliciting, and thoroughly enjoyable read. Surely, many of the most interesting places in the world are described through the prism of a young, adventure seeking, journey driven and evolving man. These themes of adventure, challenge, perception and human quality come to the fore. His motorcycle, then his bicycle, allow him a means through beautiful lands and encounters with memorable characters. A story well told, and worth listening to.

Jon- Amazon reviews

~~A heart warming narrative presenting an optimistically positive story of hope, discovery and an abundance of good fortune and adventure. Author Joe Diomede, avid motorcyclist, byciclist and trekker takes us, the reader, on his twenty year voyage to explore the world and it's people. From the Badlands of South Dakota to the snow capped mountains of Tibet and almost everywhere in between, Diomede's innocent and charming travelogue is filled with incredible stories of the kindness and humanity in man. Falling headlong into good providence at every turn, Diomede reminds the audience that even in the modern world, no borders or barriers exist to the honest and social interaction between cultures both new and old. A brilliant read, and a must for the avid adventurer, "Cycles of a Traveler" might possibly be one of the best tomes illustrating the geography, peoples, and customs of the "one world" community to hit the shelves in many a year.

Devin Macnow - Retired U.S. Army

~~This book is AMAZING in every sense of the word & I truly believe that everyone, everywhere can get something out of it. We read this book @ our local book club last month. I loved it so much that i bought 3 copies...one for my dad for father's day, a personal copy for me to loan out to friends & one to send on a journey of its own. It was a little intimidating, as it has been a while since I have read any 'grown up' books (we have 4 young children :) & the book is quite thick, but man, even before the first 10 pages I was hooked!! The story is so personal, filled with all the little quirks that we discover when we truly know a person. It is written in such a way that I felt I was sitting across the table from Joe & he was telling me of his travels. I feel as though Joe & I have been friends for years, even though I only just had the privilege of meeting him. We, the readers, are his constant traveling companions. We are right there with Joe as he crosses the county for the first time, when he does it a second time solo & when he trades in his motorcycle in for a bicycle & takes the plunge to become a world traveler. We are right there as he meets new folks along the way, sharing their stories & delving more into his own. We are right there as he confronts his hopes, his dreams, his fears... We are right there as he learns more about other cultures, their customs & beliefs on an intimate level. And we are there as he reflects on all that he learns, weighing it against what he know, what others believe & expect of him...we are there as he discovers his own path, trusting in his own inner compass. That all being said, this book is so much more than an adventure story, it is also a great primer for anyone dreaming of traveling. Joe really gives a behind the scenes look @ what it means to travel the world as it should be traveled & as I hope to one day travel it!

            Jessi Koontz homeschooling mother,  Marshall, NC

~~This is a good read for all, especially those that like adventurous travel. Reading this book, Diomede has you seeing what he saw and being in that moment. The thought of do I go right or left, or do I take the safe path and turn back to where I just came from. Most would take the sure and safe road. The path's that Diomede has taken is definitely not for all or even most, but in the end it seems that his course was meant to be. With the friendships and the experiences he has had meeting good hearted people around the world, it seems that there is a bigger plan for all of us, if we are not afraid, get out there and let it happen.

Larry Menitti - Retired N.Y.C. Detective.

~~If you're into travel, bikes, motorbikes, anthropology, spirituality, geography, politics, any or all of these, or just love a good anecdote, you'll be inspired by this book. what a great insight into how you get make the best of life and REALLY live it to the full. you'll really feel like you've spent time getting to know a great guy by the end!

Jane Smith- Mother, Educator, Traveler. St. Girons, France

~~Thank you for such an uplifting read that restored my faith in human nature. Much of what you have written ,I felt myself on my travels in the sixties and seventies.It was nice to read about someone with such a postive, joyfull outlook on life.The best book I have read in a long time.Joe's story shows us all, we don't all have to follow the line!and you can go your own way in life and what an adventure that can be.I don't read many books twice but shall read this again and again, a great "Spirit lifting" read thanks again Joe.

Ken, Cyclist, traveler, U.K.

~~Cycles of a traveller is an inspiring. open and Honest book, It is the Timeless myth of the Heroes Journey ( see joseph campbell) that takes a boy to manhood, but also appeals to anyone that is seeking adventure and insight and hope in this troubled cynical world of ours, it is easy to lose sight of the goodness and kindness in human nature, this book can restore this in you- and ignite a sense of adventure ,even if it is in your dreams . Thank you for sharing your story.

Hazel, Bookseller, Weymouth, U.K.

~~This is a beautiful book, because of the open hearted narrating, because of the positive feeling you are left with having read it. I would encourage all young people to read it; they will learn a lot about this world and its possibilities. This recommendation comes in spite of the injuries I incurred from the book - a ganglion in my hand from holding up all 600 plus wonderful pages, and the slight dent in my nose where my loving partner accidentally dropped the book on me as I lay beside him one night! Really, its been worth it. Now that's got to be a good book! (psst..actually, to be fair, I think the ganglion is really from playing guitar!)

Michelle Lawlless, Irish Folk Singer and Guitarist, France

~~This book hits so many spots, it's hard to know where to start with a review. On the face of it, this is a travelogue, but it's no ordinary travelogue. It's a coming of age story and an inspirational book that demonstrates how you can live a good life by ignoring conventional wisdom and following your heart, getting "in the groove" and trusting in providence, destiny or the wisdom of the universe to lead you where you need to go. It leads Joe into some strange places and interesting situations. On the way, he encounters and ponders upon poverty, injustice, compassion, generosity, the power of a human smile, the power of human endurance, and much more. Traveling with Joe, you see the world through his eyes, meet the people he meets along the way, face his demons with him and share his achievements. You witness the growth in his understanding as he matures from a fresh-faced 21-year-old eager to explore the world to a 30-something husband and father who's comfortable with who he is and secure in his life choices. Along the way, you learn quite a lot about life and how it should be lived, what it means to be human, how beautiful the world is, how much all humans have in common and how much injustice is patiently endured. Given what I've just written, you might be forgiven for thinking that the book will be preachy and holier-than-thou. I can assure you it's not. The author does occasionally get on his soapbox, but he's written the book in a very matter-of-fact story-telling style. Yes, there's some philosophising, but there's also humour and suspense and true grit. And the overriding theme is Joe's great spirit of adventure. The book doesn't pretend to be a model for how other people should live their lives - it's just Joe sharing his own experiences. But, that said, I found this an inspiring read.

Sandy Anthony, Editor, Cloughjordan Ireland

~~Just finished reading this book which is a wonderful contribution to the canon of exploration of this Life ! I hope his `journey' continues with the same sense of wonder, courage, and appetite, as his young family is raised. I just wanted to say thanks for this book, and hope that he keeps that incandescent sense of resounding humanitas and grà for GAIA going !

Paul Leech, Ecological architect, Dublin Ireland

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